ReadyBlinds is 100% commited to child safety. We highly recommend that you read the below carefully and understand how to keep your child safe.

While all our indoor blinds are manufactured with the utmost care and in compliance with all mandatory standards to keep young children as safe as possible, you should always take extra precautions if you have little ones at home. There is the risk of injury or strangulation if your children get a hold of the cords or chains of the blinds. ReadyBlinds takes blinds safety with children serirously and provides this important advice below.

  • Make sure you know where all the blinds with long cords or chains are in your house, and which rooms they are in. Any cords or chains that are within a child’s reach at floor level, or near furniture that they can climb on, should be fixed with tie-downs or tension devices. These are available from most hardware and window furnishing stores.
  • Do not put children’s cots, beds, playpens or highchairs near windows or doors with blind cords or chains.
  • Do not put furniture such as chairs, tables, lounge chairs or book shelves near blinds with cords or chains as your children can climb these.
  • Make sure blind cords or chains are not hanging anywhere that your children can reach.
  • Always supervise your children when they are in a room with blind cords or chains.

For further information about blind safety, or the current Australian mandatory standards, visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Product Safety website.

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